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Spotlight on Mark Edwards: Specialist Fractional CFO in the Tech Industry

In this article, we introduce Mark Edwards, a specialist Fractional CFO with a proven track record in the tech industry.

Mark is a fellow of ACCA and brings a wealth of experience to the table. Throughout his career, he has focused on startups, SMEs, venture capital firms, and selective corporate clients.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Specialist Fractional CFO in the Tech Industry: Mark’s passion is helping technology companies thrive, including those in software, SaaS, hardware, tech consultancy, and medical technology.
  • Commercial CFO: With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by growing businesses, Mark works alongside leadership teams to provide strategic financial guidance and support during crucial scaling phases.

Unique Selling Point:

  • Understanding the Pressure Points of Dynamic Businesses: Mark isn’t just a numbers whiz. He excels in fast-paced environments and possesses a keen eye for identifying and mitigating the financial challenges unique to growing tech companies.

Client Success Story:

Mark successfully navigated a complex situation where a small software company, a client of his, was being bullied by a much larger FTSE 100 client. Through his strategic approach, Mark:

  • Built a strong case against the larger client.
  • Maintained a positive relationship with his own client.
  • Engaged legal counsel and initiated proceedings.
  • Ultimately, secured full payment for his client.

Financial Security Challenge:

Mark identifies counterparty risk as the biggest financial security challenge for businesses. This involves carefully assessing the reliability of your clients and the strength of your key supplier relationships.

Advice for Businesses:

Whether you’re a startup or an established organisation, Mark emphasises the critical importance of managing liquidity resources. He works closely with clients to avoid both undercapitalisation and overtrading to maintain a healthy financial position.

Mark’s experience also extends to fundraising for startups and SMEs, as well as mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Beyond his financial expertise, Mark has a strong background in financial modelling, business planning, valuations and financial consulting. This well-rounded skillset allows Mark to provide invaluable strategic guidance to his clients.

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This article was originally published on LinkedIn on 29th May 2024.