Off to a great start with Sofia – her style is just perfect for me !

Ian Stephens - Principia Consultants

Ivana’s insight and advice has proved very useful to us in a constantly changing market.

Dingle - Snakes and Ladders Adventure Centres Ltd

Sophie was our interim FD for 6 months and made a significant impact to the company’s success. She was an absolute pleasure to work with both professionally and personally and I would highly recommend her.

Fiona Fulton - Heads Executive Consultancy

We weren’t looking for someone to tell us what needed to be done. We wanted someone to come in and do it. That is exactly what Wright CFO have done for us.

Ben Meldrum - Professor Puzzle Ltd

Ivana was brilliant to work with as she not only understood all the details of my business quickly, she filled in the gaps and even thought out of the box to come up with brilliant solutions. She is super efficient and I would highly recommend her to any startup or business.

Coleen Wong - Techsixtyfour

Sophie has a fresh approach and provided us with detailed financial information that enabled strategic decisions to be made. She joined us at a really challenging time yet managed to effectively navigate through this and provide leadership and advisory support to the remaining Finance and Executive team. I very highly recommend Sophie as a consummate finance professional

Shona Harding - Ferrier Pearce Creative Group

It was a pleasure working under Sophie, who was always immensely personable, kind and eager to share her expertise with colleagues. She mentored me in finance, accounting and HR matters, and encouraged me to grow and take on more responsibility from day one. Sophie is an exceptional person to work with.

Adam Hammonds - ContentNext Media

Sophie is a first-rate finance director with a clear understanding of the dynamics of business and how to explain it to her peers, auditors and third parties. She is a good example of how finance can be more of an enabler than a blocker.

Alex Hunter - IPA

Sophie is the consummate professional and a true partner. In addition to strong financial leadership, she has been a trusted sounding board on a whole host of company issues. I regard her extremely highly and recommend her without reservation.

Caroline Little - Guardian America

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