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Empowering Dreams: WrightCFO Transforms Startup Finances with a Personal Touch

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In the world of startups and SMEs, financial stability is the key to success. WrightCFO, a revolutionary Fractional CFO firm, specialises in navigating the financial complexities of the Creative, Media, Technology, and Not-for-Profit sectors, transforming startup finances with a personal touch.

startup finances

Meet the team at WrightCFO, top row from left to right:

Sophie Wright – Founder of WrightCFO.  I am CIMA qualified, with a degree in Sociology and Philosophy. With a history of working in advertising, I have spent the last nine years helping high-growth startups and supporting international expansion, primarily in service industries.

Mark Edwards A fellow of ACCA, Mark is focused on startups, SMEs, venture capital, and selective corporate clients. His specialism is technology companies, including software, SaaS, hardware, tech consultancy and medical tech. He brings with him a vast amount of experience in fundraising for startups and SMEs, as well as M&A.

Olivia Mellett – A CIMA qualified accountant, Olivia has an abundance of international group experience, including Swiss IPO, voluntary liquidation and M&A. Her speciality is creative / media businesses such as PR, entertainment, and other forms of media.

Manny Kanabe A CIMA accountant with an MBA and a degree in Accounting and Finance, Manny has a wealth of international experience in media and travel. He was a founding member of Virgin Nigeria Airways and has been a growth accelerator mentor for startups in the UK. His passion is supporting early-stage creative startups as CFO and mentor, helping them scale.

Tony Shafar– ICAS qualified with a BA in Accounting and Business Law and is a Certified Business Coach. Tony is our Creative Agency specialist, having worked at WPP Group/ Ogilvy Group, among others. He also has venture capital and M&A experience.

Bottom row from left to right:

Paul Smith – CIMA qualified with an MBA, Paul’s specialist industries include media, technology, agency and creative businesses. Formerly of the BBC, Paul brings commercial and strategic financial leadership to owner-managed businesses. Experience in M&A, exits, and financial modelling.

Kadia Barry– Equipped with ACCA and MBA qualifications, Kadia has been supporting fast-paced tech startups for a decade. She is also our Xero guru, offering our WrightCFO clients Xero implementation, training and system migration.

Jeremy Povey A CIMA qualified accountant with a degree in Accounting and Finance, Jeremy specialises in telecoms, media, and technology companies. He Brings M&A, fundraising and exit experience with him.

Raakhi Patel – CIMA qualified with a degree in Contemporary History and Social Sciences, Raakhi specialises in startups, not-for-profit entities and charities. Formerly of Accenture, Raakhi has acquisition experience. As well as CFO roles, she holds trustee and non-exec positions.

Team Transformation:

What sets WrightCFO apart? Transitioning from a traditional recruitment model, the firm has evolved into a cohesive team of nine experts. This shift has not only streamlined our operations but has also created a powerhouse of collective knowledge, offering clients a comprehensive and personalised approach to financial management.

Start-up Special Bundle:

In a nod to the entrepreneurial spirit, WrightCFO introduces a game-changing start-up special bundle. For an affordable monthly retainer, startups can access a minimum of five hours of dedicated support from an experienced CFO throughout the month. This not only provides cost-effective solutions but empowers startups to focus on their core competencies while leaving the financial intricacies to the experts.

Xero Implementation and Training:

WrightCFO doesn’t just stop at traditional CFO services. Recognising the digital era, the firm offers Xero implementation and training, ensuring that our clients are not only financially savvy but technologically advanced. This forward-thinking approach sets us apart in an increasingly digital business landscape.

Human Element:

Behind the numbers and spreadsheets, WrightCFO is driven by a passion for helping startups and SMEs turn their financial visions into reality. Our team believes in fostering a collaborative environment, where dreams are not just supported financially but are nurtured to flourish. Each CFO at WrightCFO is not just an expert in their field but a partner in the entrepreneurial journey, making the financial aspect of business growth a truly human experience.

As WrightCFO continues to redefine financial consultancy, its commitment to empowering startups and SMEs remains unwavering. The firm is not just about managing finances; it’s about crafting success stories, one startup at a time.

Originally published on LinkedIn on 23rd January 2024